Mega Millions Realtor, Call Carrie if You’re the Winner

We are all dreaming of winning the mega millions lotto. If you win call me. I’d love to help you find your dream. If I win I’ll post a new blog. I know I’ll help the youth and adults seeking to learn new technology or a new skill. Stay tuned for a full update…….or call me 630.405.8985.

If you’re not the winner, you an still own a home.

Until tomorrow. May the odds be ever in your favor………….

People Who Understand Money Say, “Buy A House”

People who understand money say now is the time to buy a house.  The Wall Street Jounal said it a few weeks ago. “It’s Time To Buy That House”

Why should you buy?  First, home prices are back to prices in 2006 and some areas of the Chicago land market you can find prices that mirror prices from 2000.  Second, Interest rates are affordable.

Check out the Wall Street Journal article on what people who understand money are saying about buying a home.

If you think you can’t own, Think again.  Still not sure.  contact me today to get on the road to home ownership.

How Long Will You Wait To Sell Your Home?

Are you thinking about selling your home?  Is your home currently on the market? If your home is on the market for sale are buyers knocking down your door to buy the house?  If you answered NO to buyers knocking down your door, guess what? Your house is overpriced.   So what should you do?

First, An immediate price change is in order.  If you don’t have buyers asking if others are looking at your property,  it’s not price correctly!  The price must be compelling to get buyers motivated.

Don’t wait to get it sold!!!!  If it’s not priced correctly call your Realtor NOW!  Get it priced right and get it sold today.  Otherwise, you are wasting your time and losing money.  Request that your agent tell you the truth.

Months’ of Housing Supply in Northern Illinois 8/22/2011 to 9/22/2011.  There are 44852 single family homes and 25258 attached homes available for sale and only 4448 single family and 2155 attached homes that sold form 8/22 to 9/22.  What does this mean?  It tells us that your house could sit on the market 10.62 months before it sells.

It’s time to wake up to a different reality. If you really want to get your home sold you must make some hard decisions.  Ask me your questions today.

Closed Sales for West Chicago, Illinois

Are you in the market to sell your home in West Chicago Illinois or any city in the Northern Illinois area?  If so, consider this:  Now when you consider a listing price you will be competing with shortsales and bank owned homes.   No longer are appraisers only reviewing traditional sales.  With so many short sales and foreclosed properties on the market all properties are considered when an appraisal is completed.

For example, in city of West Chicago, Illinois non-distressed sales are selling for near the same prices.  This is a trend in most areas.  So when you list your home today buyers aren’t just considering traditional homes they are also considering short sales and bank owned properties.  Click on the link for details.

Closed Sales for 185 – West Chicago.

Back to School at Home

By now most kids have already started the new school year.  When school is in session our children begin a new routine at school.  They are more organized at school.  So why not take this opportunity to get them involved in making your home organized.  We are all creatures of habit.  If we don’t stay in a routine things get out of order at our places of work and at home.   Since the kids are learning new routines at school create a routine that they can follow during the school year that will continue for the rest of their life.

Let me tell you, it is not easy.  When Lauren and Jonathan come home the first thing they do is throw their backpacks anywhere.  Drives me crazy.  But everyday I have them eat a snack get started on homework then take their things to their rooms.  In the beginning, you will feel like you are doing all of the work. But in the end, kids will eventually learn a new habit.  Don’t just stop at the backpacks extend your plan out for the entire house. From cleaning and dusting everyroom to creating a chore chart.

Try it!  You will find freedom in your new cleaner organized home.  Consider this, when you get ready to sell your house the preparation process will be so much simpler.

Create your plan of action and tell me be about.