Are You A New Real Estate Investor?

Are you considering a investing in real estate? If yes, then here are are few things to consider?

1. When you purchase your new investment property, do you have the money or an investment loan to make the necessary changes to rent or flip?

2. Do you know and/or understand the neighborhood you are buying in?

3. Have you done your research? Is there a rental market?

4. What are your long term goals for investing? Ie; Flip, rent, how many homes per year…

5. What are the demographics?

6. Is the home in a flood plain?

7. Does the city require an inspection? If so, if the city repairs are required will you have the money for a possible escrow account.

8. Is the city considered to be stable or depressed?

If you are not sure of most of these questions, do some research before you begin shopping for the investment property.