Northern Illinois DuPage County and the Real Estate Market

Whether we want to believe it or not, homes are continuing to sell in DuPage County.  Home sales are not what they were several year ago but individuals and families are continuing to purchase homes in DuPage County.  In June of 2011 there were 943 listed homes that sold with an average sales price of $293,788 and a median sales price of $223,900.  These homes include single family homes and attached homes.

In June of 2010 the average sales price for a single family home was $368,417 and the average sales price for an attached home was $165,504.  There were a total of 1063 properties that sold in June 2010.  Comparing June 2011 to last years sales the sales prices for single family homes were $360,896 only an $8000 difference with an actual decrease of  2%.  On the other hand, when you compare the attached homes to last years sales in June the gap is much larger.   The average sales price for attached homes came to $138,066 a decrease of 16.58% from last years prices.

If you are on the fence about buying consider jumping off.  Now is a great time to own a home.  Don’t wait! Don’t over spend and be a part of the American Dream today!  If your home hasn’t sold it’s probably the price so talk to your real estate agent and get that price down where you can increase buyer traffic and hopefully receive an offer on that home.

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Data from the MLS in Northern Illinois.

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