Warning! Renting Could Be Hazardous to Your Wealth!

Many families, couples and individuals spend their hard earned money each month on a rental payment not realizing that they could possibly own a home.  Did you know there are over 500 grant programs available to help 1st time home owners, veterans, and others get into a home?

If you aren’t sure you should consider purchasing a home check out this chart on how much money you could be spending each month to fund your landlord’s future and dreams.

Rent 1 year 5 years 10 years
 $ 600  $7,200  $36,000  $72,000
 $ 800  $9,600  $48,000  $96,000
 $1,200  $14,400  $72,000  $144,000
 $1,500  $18,000  $90,000  $180,000
 $2,000  $24,000  $120,000  $240,000

If you’ve been renting for 1 year then it’s time to reconsider Owning a home.  If you’ve been renting longer now is the best time to consider owning a home.  If you think you can’t own, think again.   Whether you think you can or you think you can’t is up to you. Even if we have to plan for 3 months, 6 months a year or longer.  I can help you get on the road to home ownership.  Contact me today.  email, Facebook, twitter, and even text.

At the Dentist Office Waiting for my Daughter, Lauren

As I sit at the dentist office, waiting for my daughter Lauren, I began to think. Would being closer to the dentist office, physicians office, or maybe a park district be an important decision to someone seeking to buy a home? It took me more than twenty minutes to get here. I love this dentist office, it’s clean, the staff are professional, they use the latest technology and equipment. But what if it were five minutes away from home? I would save on gas and time.

When I purchased my first home price was the driving factor, then age, then location. I didn’t consider local amenities. So, what was important to you when you purchased? Would you take more time to consider the local amenities, shopping, doctors office, pool and or school district?

In my case, we bought based on the above reasons and luckily the school district offered a dual language program which has become a driving force in our city. My kids are bi-literate not just bi-lingual. Pretty cool when you think about and I didn’t even search for the program.

This was great! Dual language for my kids offered by the public school system. Even though this is great, the next time I decide to purchase a home I will definitely consider, shopping, park district and walkability.

What will you consider the next time you consider purchasing your first home or your next home? What if you actually researched the city? What would you learn? Tell me. I want to know.