New Year Resolutions, Do You Have One? Can You Keep it?

Ok, 2011 has come and gone.  We are in a new year.  It’s time to move forward into a new year. If you didn’t succeed at your 2011 Resolutions let it go.  Many make new year resolutions. Some of the resolutions have already failed. It’s only January.  What can you do to get on track in 2012

If you are good at sticking to a resolution, good for you. Keep up the good work and tell us what you do to stay on track.  If you are among the rest of us that start but just can’t stick to the plan I have good news for you! You can achieve your goals, dreams and resolutions.

You don’t need a New Year Resolution to reach your goals.  Creating a plan may be just what you need to get on track.  Whether it’s buying a new home, exercising consistently or just getting out of debt you can do it!

Where do you begin? Let’s make a plan:

  • 1st write down when you want to achieve this goal (resolution)
  • How will you achieve it? If you want to exercise what days and times will you exercise (same time and days will help with your success).  If you want to save money to buy a home open a savings account and put in a specific amount of money there each time you get paid. (if you need a specific down payment how long will it take you to save it? (3 months, a year or maybe 2 years) Whatever the time frame stick to it and don’t spend the money on anything else.
  • Don’t look at the commitment. Take each day one day at a time.
  • Find a good friend that will help keep you accountable.  Accountability is the key to reaching your goals and even a New Years Resolution!

Remember you can reach your dreams, goals and resolutions.  If you need help let me know.  I’ll help you plan to buy a home, pay off your debt and yes, I can help you with an exercise schedule.