Yes, You Can Own A Home

Yes, You can own a home in 2017.  Owning a home is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. Although it might feel overwhelming it doesn’t have to be. Watch this short video on the home buying process.

The steps to owning a home include:

1. Getting approved for a loan

2. Working with a licensed professional that can explain the process and help with the hard decisions.

3. Select the area you want to live in. Before choosing the city drive around and check out the community, call the school district and get the school score breakdowns, call the city to find out what’s offered. Is a community swimming pool important to you? Do you want public transportation, shopping, a prairie path? Think about what you really want near your new home.

4. Begin your home search. Download my free home search app that gives access to active listings in the entire United States – Click here.

5. Once you find a home we will write an offer based on current market data. A home is only worth what someone is willing to pay. We will use current sold properties to determine a good asking price.

6. Once the offer is accepted you’ll hire a licensed home inspector. This takes about 3 hours. It might seem long but it’s the best way to understand what you are purchasing. A resale home isn’t perfect.

7. After the inspection issues are resolved you’ll make sure all necessary paperwork is turned into your mortgage company. Your loan officer might ask for the same document more than once.  Please just resend it and also stay away from big purchases. That could harm your purchase power and result in a loan denial.

8. The mortgage company will order your appraisal. Once the appraisal is completed and the underwriter has all paperwork we wait for a clear to close and your confirmed closing date and time.

9. One or two days before closing we have a final walk-thru of the home.

10. Finally, we meet a the title company to close your home purchase. This is different in other states. In Illinois we close at the title company location.

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What’s Holding You Back

What’s holding you back? Not sure where to begin, no down payment, afraid of the responsibility, I lost a home to foreclosure, I have a prior bankruptcy. Whatever the reason don’t let it hold you back from owning a home.

If you’re not sure where to begin I’ll be glad to provide the steps to owning a home. Many people think they can’t own a home because they don’t have a down payment. This can be easily overcome with a simple savings plan or with the use of the downpayment programs. Many don’t want to take care of the maintenance of a home. If that’s you, consider a condominium or a town home with an association that takes care of the maintenance for you. Yes, there’s an additional fee.

Now if you are someone that lost a home to foreclosure or have a dismissed bankruptcy you can also own again or own a home. You may need to wait at least 3 years and make sure you are paying your bills on time. Also consider opening a few secure credit lines to rebuild your credit.

Whatever is holding you back you don’t have to be afraid of it. Contact me today and I’ll help you with a realistic plan to help you get on the road to home ownership. Click the Illinois homes link and send your contact information today. I look forward to making your dream come true.

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Mega Millions Realtor, Call Carrie if You’re the Winner

We are all dreaming of winning the mega millions lotto. If you win call me. I’d love to help you find your dream. If I win I’ll post a new blog. I know I’ll help the youth and adults seeking to learn new technology or a new skill. Stay tuned for a full update…….or call me 630.405.8985.

If you’re not the winner, you an still own a home.

Until tomorrow. May the odds be ever in your favor………….

Morning Radar – Median Home Prices in DuPage County Illinois

DuPage county single family home prices fell 6.0% in February 2012 when compared to February 2011.  In February 2011 the Median  home price was $238,900. The 2012 Median price was $224,613.  Attached homes fell 5.9%.  Last year February median prices were $114,250 and February 2012 was $107,480.

It is still a great time to own a home.  What are you waiting for? What goes down will go up.  Prices will one day go up and you’ll wish you’d purchased a home. Call me today!  Let’s begin the process of buying a home. Median Home Prices February 2010, 2011, 2012