About Carrie Little-Bey

Carrie Little-Bey has been real estate broker for over 11 years, helping potential residents find the home of their dreams and ensuring sellers get the price they want. Her property marketing skills and dedication to fulfilling her clients’ needs have earned her an esteemed reputation in the local real estate community.

In her current position as a broker associate at Baird & Warner, Carrie helps clients buy and sell single family homes and condominiums. As a lifelong Illinois resident, she has a wealth of knowledge about the Northern Illinois real estate market. She has a keen ability to put the best buyers and sellers together to form the most ideal transactions.

Before joining Baird & Warner, Carrie worked in the technology, non-profit and retail industries. Carrie has a background in Real estate as a former employee of a residential builder and employee of McDonald’s Corporation in the East Coast Real Estate Legal Department.
Carrie began her real estate career in 2001 where she quickly learned the residential business and systems that help with her successes.

Carrie has been a resident of DuPage County since 1996 and actively involved in volunteering for missions trips to Mexico, fundraising events and the Mother’s and More DuPage County chapter. She prides herself as someone that enjoys helping young people understand the importance of completing college. As a mother of three, Carrie can often be found with her family at the local pool, walking their dog, reading a motivational book or exercising with friends.

Most cities are affected by foreclosure.  Some more than others.  The entire State of Illinois has a high foreclosure rate overall.  However, some cities are not as badly affected as others.  When you view the December 2011 Foreclosure Rate Heat Map notice that Illinois is ranked high amoung most tates. 

Click to view: http://www.realtytrac.com/trendcenter/uiservices/heatmap.aspx?width=640&d=V1tGUoZxT3BMCbSlEOybOg%3d%3d

How is your city affected?  There are many factors that may lead to foreclosure: job loss, home owners relocating to new areas and being unable to sell their homes, businesses leaving an area can also lead to job loss.   In addition, some home owners may find themselves being upside down in their mortgages and just walking away from the property.

Can I find out how many homes are in pre-foreclosure or already foreclosed on? Yes,  most real estate websites can provide this information or you can contact your real estate professional to get the information.  For detailed foreclosure information feel free to contact me.

Post the city you are interested and I’ll share the data with everyone.

Don’t wait! A Shortsale may be the best option.

If you need to sell, SELL.  Don’t wait for the market to come back.  While you wait your home could depreciate more.  In addition, you may lose your right to forgiveness of the debt.  This special tax relief actually applies to anyone who has forgiven mortgage debt during the tax years 2007 through 2012.   But starting in 2013, this tax break goes away.  Whatch the Suze Orman video.


Shortsales are here to stay.  If you must sell consider the shortsale.